What Story Does Your Social Media Tell?

Today is meant to be more of a thought provoking piece about ourselves than anything else.  First, let’s start out with some fun; highly intriguing research has been conducted at the University of Cambridge about how our social media and the relationship of our ‘likes’ to our personality traits compared to our peers.  All based on our likes! After completing the analysis myself, I’m inclined to agree with the results personally even though they don’t put me in the top 50% of much!  Try the research here for fun and then we can get to a more influential topic below.conversationprism

The intent of this piece is to cause us to really think about the content of our social media rather than to discuss the nature of the research at the University.  With all of the presidential election division, we have a platform that brings all types of unlike minded individuals together through FB, twitter, and Instagram.  So why doesn’t it feel like we are all in this together?  We have all seen the posts with 72 likes, 24 comments, and a flaming conversation about who is right about a topic and how the other person’s opinion is invalid.  Maybe there is some name calling and swearing, but it’s social media and no one can hurt us behind a computer monitor physically so why not post our opinion?

We can agree no matter what work ethic or background a person has is that each and every person in life is just trying to get by, make a living, and find relevance in their lives just like us.  We all have many logically fallacies we believe are facts and emotional opinions that we believe are purely logical.  Unfortunately that’s part of being a human.

  1. The Number One Takeaway from this is to ask ourselves, “Are we the person on social media we want to be remembered as?”

Are you the kind of person that has raged posted about how your friend supports the wrong side of the legislation?  Are you the person flaunting their opinions because you know your right about an opinion?  Maybe we all haven’t done these things, and at the same time I have been especially guilty of a few of these situations myself.  We are all far from perfect people and we all have different versions of perfection.

There is not a perfect answer for life’s questions either, and it’s far to complicated for a dual system.  Answers are never black and white, red or blue, right or wrong.  Answers are very few and far between, and questions are plenty so we can end on this thought that my friend turned my gut inside out after asking that relates to the number one takeaway:

  1. What does your social media say about you now if you were no longer able to post anymore?


As always we’ve been loving the comments and feedback! Keep us up to date on your thoughts, opinions, and cool project your working on.  Collaboration is growth.  It’s your guy Phil Hagerty and look forward to hearing from our readers.