The Art of Storytelling

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is” – Jim Carey

My life is based on my perception and experiences. All my experiences can be best told through stories. Likewise, when reading or hearing information I prefer this information to be through peoples stories and experiences. When learning history or any sort of information I always remembered information better when they were shared through stories rather then facts and details.

When communicating and sharing information about myself, it can be quite boring for others to hear because it may not relate, appeal or help them in any way. We are interested most by ourself and information that appeals to our interests and motives. When I communicate via stories and experiences I am able to create an image in peoples mind and allow them to feel part of that experience, journey or success, and potentially more importantly understand me. This helps myself connect with others more effectively without boasting or showing off in the process. This has a greater chance of people remembering our interaction Moreover, stories are processed by the brain before logical information, therefore faster and with less effort, along with having more influence and effect.

As a caution, I have learnt through communicating, to avoid or limit using 3rd party references as they make connecting a lot more difficult and less personal. It’s better to use stories based on your own experiences or if you choose to use other people’s experiences make them in a way that appeal to the other persons interests and motives.

My stories come from my experiences. The more experiences I have, the more stories I have to share. My life has been shaped drastically by my experiences, the people I interact with, the places I see, and the adventures I have. It’s the process and journey I have gone through that shapes the person I am today. Its even better when I am able to share with and narrate these stories with others.

Here is a base foundation I use when sharing my experiences with others:
1. I set the scene; the place, location, surroundings, people etc
2. Explain the issue/problem or mystery I have to overcome/solve or thats in my way whilst building suspense and anticipation
3. Conclude with a happy ending either a triumph victory or tranquility

We all want to hear a success story, that is why ending with a solution or triumph will bring the message home. Our interactions in life, the start and more the end are always more likely to be remembered then the middle parts. Hollywood does this to us in movies with suspense drawing to the final battle or 2 lovers coming together. Advertising companies are no exception.

My experiences have helped me communicate more effectively with people. I am able to connect on my experiences and the knowledge I gain through them. I enjoy creating more experiences in my life. Along with this, I am working on my ability to tell more gripping stories about my experiences. Stories that are unique and something not ordinarily experienced by people day to day help to differentiate you from others as well as creating a fascination around yourself. Sharing recollections of moments and experiences of my life with others is something that allows me to connect with others and it’s a lot of fun to reflect back on great memories or pivotal moments in my life.


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