Online Content Transformation II

Video use online and socially is drastically increasing. Videos allow a more interactive, real time experience compared to the traditional photo or tweet. Many learning platforms are now video based, social media sites are shifting to videos, especially live streaming as many of the big social media sites are implementing and placing large focus. The way we communicate will shift to live streaming and video content. We are already sharing videos and beginning to “Go live” moments with others.
The way we communicate will shift from text, instant message or posts to video, video communicating and live streaming. Recording yourself in videos sharing experiences, content and adventures will start to rise. This will take a few years to become the most popular source until VR takes charge with Oculus and other devices/gadgets. With VR the use of videos will transition into not just moments of videos but to full experiences and adventures.
We will be streaming live videos of our lives for others to see and enjoy. Eye sensors will come into effect soon after to record our days and in effect our lives. Our memories will be stored in the cloud for retrieval when needed. This will be a huge advancement for live videos and sharing.
I wouldn’t be surprised if mobile giants like Apple and Samsung create and improve video sharing and also video capabilities in the future.

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