Future of online connection & communication

The social industry is a crowded space dominated mainly by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. It makes it hard for small businesses to emerge and gain some of the market share, but they are able to make an impact with smaller markets.

Online media began with forums and review sites which are fading out. It transitioned into online sharing with words, statuses and content. Images arose and so did videos. Now most recently its live streaming. Social media is more then just content today, its about experiences. It’s the ability to see how someone lives, where they are and what they are doing. Take periscope, it grew through live videos of what people are doing. Facebook live and Instagram stories are others growing today with real time features becoming more prevalent and popular. This idea of being connected with others is growing and not so much the idea of connecting. With so much content available online and our lives being “busier”, connected is much more efficient and suitable then connecting.

So the ultimate question is what is the next big breakthrough….

Not so much what but how; We will change from connecting to being connected with others. The big social industry companies are going to be around for at least a few more years, not allowing many small markets to emerge strong enough to influence mass audiences. These companies will become a little smarter and customized with machine learning but won’t change drastically, but the way we leverage them will change dramatically. We are in a world of experiences and achievements where others want to feel as if they are with you on your journey whether that be in person or your companies vision. The most popular posts for people are achievement or experienced based events in peoples lives.

It begins with your journey and carrying on from lasts weeks blog of Get clear what you want in life. When you have a purpose/vision, you then know your audience. its not about having the world, but having the right fans. Everyone loves the idea of following a compelling life, with achievements and experiences. Give people your experiences. Sharing your journey and activity, the key is to have a purpose and meaning that will keep others connected to you, with them constantly interested and eager to find out more.

We would love to hear from you at Ulife what you think of the future of online communication.


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