Get clear what you want in life

“Every man dies, not every man really lives” – William Wallace

For your life to have meaning, you must have a purpose. When you wake up in the morning, you must have something that motivates you, inspires you and gives you passion. When we have passion and motivation for what we want, its hard for people to stop us along the way, no matter the situations. In life you will face many set backs and diversity, things that will pull you down, wear your spirit. Your purpose and meaning will give you the strength to withstand the constant beating life will throw at you.

Here are my 5 steps through experience to help you get clear on finding your purpose and give meaning to your life:

1. Find out what you want to achieve
In order to achieve anything in life, you must find what you really want. When you know what we are looking for it makes it that much easer to find. A great way to find what you really want is asking the following questions; “I passionate about…”, “I love to spend my time doing…”, “I a natural at or better then others at…”, “What do I have that other people want/is in demand…”. Asking yourself these questions will quickly help you become clear on what you want in your life.

2. Find out why you want it
Knowing what you want is great, but saying and doing are 2 completely different results. You have to dive deeper within yourself and ask why you want it. Knowing ‘WHY’ will help you to motivate and stick to it when times get tough rather than quit. There will be many times when you will want to give up and do something different. Your why will help to keep you focused. Emotions drive us, so attaching emotion to your why will help in this step. Questions to ask yourself are “why do I really want this”, “what will I have to give”, What is the underlying reason for why you want this.
Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk really helps within understanding the nature of ‘WHY’

3. Picture yourself achieving the goal
The next step is to see yourself achieving the goal. Too many people aim to achieve something in life to find out when they get there, are totally unfulfilled and questioning the decisions and actions of there life and what they have done. You are smarter than that… Its better to take the time now to get clear on your life, then to be doubting and questioning your life years down the track. When you picture yourself having what you set out, are you fulfilled, are you happy with the decisions you made, the potential sacrifices you made. These are the deep questions we must ask ourself now or suffer the consequences down the line.

4. Prepare a detailed plan to achieve your goal
Write a plan of how you are going to make sure we become the person we want to be, and achieve the things we want. Things could include, short term goals, daily actions you can do, remind yourself daily, people I will contact, priorities I will have. This plan will help to ensure you remain on track and are moving towards what you want in life.

5. Conquer thyself
This is one of the most important ones, that I have struggled with and are slowly overcoming as time goes by. Having the confidence and passion in what you are doing, rewiring the way you think, being fearless, taking whatever actions to achieve your goal, being ruthless when you need to be. These are crucial for you to have what you eat int life. Not letting other opinions stop you, remind yourself its your life, times flies and one day you will be dying/dead. This can be a very tough process and scary to ask yourself these questions and overcome your fears. But its your life, you call the shots. The question you will be asking yourself is did you live a life of purpose, of meaning, with no regrets. Now that is a life worth living.



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