Save Your Creativity

Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing, gives people hope and a purpose for achievement and fulfillment. Creativity gives life, innovation, and passion to us.

We are living in a world where we have access to unlimited ideas, concepts and knowledge in the palm of our hand. Yet little are we aware that this can make us lose touch of our choices, decisions, creativity and life itself. When we have unlimited resources we rarely need to be creative because we can comfortably get by. When we are faced with little resources we must become creative, think of new innovative ways to leverage and use our resources most efficiently.

The phrase ‘Just google it’ is so common today, even I find myself doing it on a regular basis. Our devices our great tools for knowledge, while at the same time, eliminating our need to be creative, our ability to think for ourselves.

Our lives our dictated by our decisions and choices. Today we go to school to be told how to dress, what to learn and how to behave, just like everyone else. Then we go to jobs where we are told what to do, tasks to execute. In both of these situations we are performing repetitive tasks, restricting our creative minds. Our choices and decisions are being taken away from us, so what are we doing to remain creativity and control our lives?

If you liked this post, next week will discuss how to take control of your life by getting clear on what you want in life and living with a purpose


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