Be Present

“Your past does not equal your future” – Tony Robbins

Yesterday is over, today is a brand new day, you call the shots, you are in control of how you feel and what you tell yourself. We look at celebrities and famous athletes; One time they are on top of the world, the next rock bottom. The reality is they continue to live in the past. They remind themselves how great they use to be, or they find it hard to live up to that expectation placed on them. Kind of like the high school star quarter back who never could let his high school days go.

Our past is the past, we experienced it. They are great stories to share, but know your greatest moments are still to come. If you really think your best days are over, then its time to change that. I spent 3 years in Philadelphia living what I would call and many would call “the American dream”. I had to leave back home with Visa issues. I was faced with a choice of living in the past or living in the now and prepare and create better moments. It hasn’t been easy to let it go, I enjoy speaking to friends from there, but know that my best is still yet to come. Those experiences helped prepare me for the next chapter. I am grateful for being able to live the life I did there, but the future is brighter than ever.

We are left with the choice in life, to let the past dictate our life, or to embrace the past, acknowledge it and know that the best is yet to come. I love it when people say they are getting stronger, better and sexier everyday because thats the point of life, every day we grow, learn and make progress.

Our past helps give us perspective, but the reality is that all we have is now, to use the past as lessons, experiences, guidance to help us take advantage of the only moment that really matters; this second.


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