What Is Fear Doing To You

We all have fear, since our early ancestors, fear was used to help us survive from predators. But if they lived with fear continuously as if a predator was after them, they would not be able to sleep and live suffering from continual anxiety. Times have changed and the way we experience fear is different.

We are living in the most protected and safest time we have ever lived, yet we are so protective of ourselves, our ego, our status, our social status and our self image to others. We are letting so many people control our thoughts and actions. This ultimately comes down to our fear. What happens if they think I’m weird, I look like an idiot. Sounds familiar? well the truth is we are all weird in our own ways, we don’t have all the answers and sometimes we may be rejected and criticized, that’s life.

In todays society fear rarely can harm us physically, but it can destroy us mentally. The only thing to fear is fear itself. It ages us, limits us, makes us miserable, kills our dreams, our happiness, our independence, leads to depression and low self-esteem. Don’t let your talents, your gifts and abilities be wasted because of fear or what others may think of you. Do what you believe in, what excites you. There is no obstacle that can stand in the way of a person that is fearless. We must be fearless in our pursuit of what we desire. Remember that death is inevitable, don’t let a day go by, put yourself in positions where your laughing, doing outrageous things, you will see, your life will become that much more fulfilling. People always want to bring you down to feel better about themselves. Ever heard adults get angry at younger kids that are partying? Many do it out of jealousy. They are not having as much fun as you or annoyed that they didn’t have a chance to do that when younger.

If we avoid fear it leads to anxiety, BUT if we face fear we find an inner strength and grow. A fear can be exciting its just how you look at it. When I am afraid I feel like a challenge is presenting itself, and adventure is near. Life is one big game, an adventure, enjoy playing it and exploring, be smart, be humble and chase your dreams.


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