Future of Communication with Sensory Devices

As we become more involved and surrounded with the tech-advancements, the way we communicate with each other will change. Do you notice a difference between the way younger people communicate today, compared to how you used to communicate?

Advances like augmented-reality contact lens will help the people who were blind to be able to see again. Another is the ability to read other peoples’s vital signs with these contact lens. We will be able to see when people are sad, happy, frustrated, angry, disgust etc through new technology. Reading micro-expressions, once detected by video camera’s operating 1/25th second will soon be available to many. People will be able to read your reactions, feelings and emotions in real time. Your breathing, blood pressure, heart rate are others to name a few.

This will be a giant step in improving society with medical advancements. On the other hand, the way we communicate will change dramatically. The ability to connect with others with empathy and sympathy will soon become limited and skills rarely used. We will be given all the information through technology. Our ability to understand others and having that feeling of love and connection will be scarce.

As we continue to leverage technology in our lives; human interactions, relationships, and connections will be important for our health and quality of life. We can learn everything about the person, but ultimately its how we connect and make them feel that will determine our quality of friendships with them. Jim Carey says it best “The effect you have on others is the the most valuable currency there is”.


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