Experience vs Theory Models of Learning

Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading books as a form of relaxation and also to help expand my knowledge. For convenience in todays world I have adjusted more to podcasts as they provide around 70-80% of a persons book in 1hour of listening. This condenses a lot more information in a short time. What I have learnt from reading and listening is that i gather a lot of knowledge. But what is knowledge without application? knowledge is potential power. It has the ability to make you great and help you change the world, yet its just potential. We know a lot of people with potential that waste it.

The classic principe of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Surprisingly people won’t eat that apple every day. We all know how to eat healthy and that exercise is important (if we don’t, its a simple google search away). We have this knowledge yet we don’t seem to always use and apply it. In the end we pay the price.

We can learn to become a better communicator, be more charismatic, vary our tonality, improve our gestures, speak smoother. But in essence there are so many people that don’t learn these non-verbal communication signals, but they just do it. They put themselves in positions where they have to do it and learn from that experience to improve. They aren’t necessary good at the start, very poor to say the least but they learn how to do it much quicker and effectively then by learning the theory and avoiding taking action.

When I read or listen to new content today, I aim to take a principle or concept and apply that theoretical knowledge into practical use. It helps to reinforce and remember the concept as well as allowing me to see if I can tweak and customize the concept to fit ME. That is a major reason why Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is such a great book. It teaches great principles but really encourages practical application of the concepts. It takes learning and applying chapter by chapter.

Have you ever been in position where you learnt something in theory then did it for real and it was nothing like what you expected. Feel free to Share with us and others an experience where this is the case

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


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