Get Out There & Travel

Traveling is a great learning experience for understanding people, their perspectives and beliefs. So far I have been fortunate enough to travel to Australia, America, England, Wales, Japan, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Fiji, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland. Each brings their own cultural differences. I have lived in Australia for 18 years and spent the last 6 years in America.

One observation I have made is that people with varieties of cultural experiences tend to develop greater friendships with those of others who have experienced many cultures. For example; in my time in America at University, my closest friends were international students. I found this to be the case with other international students as well, along with other international people outside of University.

This verifies the concept that we like people that are like us which has been engrained in us through evolution. The major breakthrough in communication and connecting with people is that if we can connect on deep, meaningful or similar strong experiences from our past, then forming friendships with others is quite simple. For some instance, it could be as simple as what country/city you’re from, for others it could be something more meaningful that connects you such as a personal passion. The moral is that when we have strong values that are linked and have similar experiences in our lives, we tend to feel more comfortable to and gravitate to those people.

We all have a unique story within us, yet unfortunately we don’t get to hear other peoples cool and interesting stories for one reason or another. Its important for others to hear your stories to help them to understand people more effectively and foster friendships. Now is your chance to share your story. Please share with us your traveling experiences on how it has helped you connect with people and what how it has helped you understand people.

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  1. Travel is a great way to experience different cultures and create lifetime memories. You have been very fortunate to have created the time to travel to so many different places. As I continue to get older, I look forward to continuing my love of travel as well.

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