6 Ways To Improve Your Conversation Skills

The key to being a great conversationalist doesn’t always come from talking louder and speaking more. Typically a person that asks the questions leads the conversation, has the power, the ability to guide and steer the conversation in a specific direction. Here are 6 quick and simple ways to get you engaging more effectively with others.

1. Ask powerful questions
The key to engaging with others is to ask relevant questions to the person and situation. Observing information from the persons words and body language can help you to ask educated/informed questions to find out more about the person and creating engaging conversations.

2. Connect over common interests and passions
This comes from the powerful questions you ask the other person. Find out what the other person likes and is passionate about. Make sure they are relevant to your passions and interests.

3. Use statements
Statements are great to avoid the rapid fire of questions. With statements, consider the other persons characteristics, emotions, and motivations. What type of person would do this, how they feel doing it, and why would they do those things,

4. Never interrupt the other person
It shows you are too concerned with what you are saying and you are not listening to what they are saying.

5. Paraphrase
Form a summary of what a person communicates to you and say it back to them to show you are listening and understanding them

6. Body language and tonality
Unconsciously the way you gesture, and position your body can have huge effects how people feel about us. Our tonality such as tone, speed, pitch and volume also influences the way others feel about us subconsciously

The best way to improve conversation skills is by having conversations with others. Learning the theory can help with implementing strategies to improve your skills. The one thing to keep in mind is to be yourself, mix in these strategies with your personality and who you want to become. You may implement all of these strategies or just some of them. I hope they provide value in your conversations and ultimately your life


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