We are living in such a technological era with many modern start-ups becoming tech-based. The 2 main powerhouses that are changing the way we use technology is Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Virtual Reality is allowing us to change the way we communicate and convey message. Online browsing will slowly start to change from an information resource to an experience resource. Instead of watching sports on your computer/tv we will be able to experience the game as if we were there. Instead of buying merchandise online we can now have the virtual experience of being at the store and trying on clothing, accessories, gifts etc. Traveling to historic landmarks in the comfort of your own home will be possible and what about the porn industry?. For business this can have a great impact with its ability to conduct meetings and interviews with some-what real interactions virtually without the need to travel.

Artificial Intelligence is already here and is going to stay. It is taking past experiences to indicate the likely future. We all experience this online like Facebook, YouTube, Google and Spotify to name a few. This leads to the growing rate of tracking things in real time. Gathering information on us like who we are, what we do and what we like and to personalize options for us. Anything that can be tracked will be tracked!. Analytics is used to determine what designs, layout, times, structure, target are optimal for best performances. As time progresses it will become more effective in tracking our health. Knowing bodily functions and aiding in prevention, moderating and treating diseases and illnesses will revolutionize the health industry. We will communicate to and be communicated to devices like Siri and Google Chat.

As we progress more into the 21st century we will start to see a change from the website being a place of information and content to a place of experiences. The internet will be made up of a place you go to for experiences, whether you learn experiences, tell experiences or buy/sell experiences. The experiences we generally share are stories of our past, stories that reflect our time with people, an event or adventures we had. Something to keep in mind for your experiences in the future and your value to be a successful communicator.


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