Today’s Communication

Communication is sharing information with another person or group. We all communicate every day with others whether that be in person or through the internet. In my experience we communicate to CONVEY MESSAGES and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

Conveying messages is sharing knowledge, transactions and learning from peoples experiences. When I learnt how to program I watched youtube videos and took courses to learn from others. When I am learning new skills, I avoid the need to speak with people and leverage technology and resources online at our disposal like podcasts, learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, Audible etc. Many people are using online platforms to convey messages, both because people are able to touch a larger audience and consumers are able to access the information so quickly and effortlessly.

When we look at building relationships Facebook revolutionized the way we do it. We are able to connect instantly with a large audiences, those across the globe and stay connected with old friends. It has provided a simple tool for us to communicate and keep in touch. At what cost has it created? are we losing touch with our personal skills, are ability to create deep, meaningful relationships, even resulting in loneliness?

For many years I tried to fight the technological advances, but come to realize that we need to leverage certain resources available today to thrive and stay connected. The quality of our lives are the quality of relationships. The way to avoid loneliness is by having friends that you understand and that understand you. This integration of resources available to communicate can be to a persons advantage and/or doom.

The digital world is affecting how we as humans convey our messages and build relationships. The question is what balance works for you?

Todays exercise is:
What is your opinion on technology and the effect it has on human communication?


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