Mind & Body Connection

The mind follows the body and the body follows the mind. What we think of ourselves tends to be portrayed through how we carry ourselves physically and the opposite is true as well.

Think about watching the Olympics (or any sporting event), how athletes responded when they won or lost the event. How they felt, was represented by their body language and their body language represented to us how the felt.

Think of a time when you were angry, upset, self-conscious, speaking to a superior, or even unhappy, how did you carry yourself? What sort of body language did you default to during that experience? Now think of a time when you were confident, prepared or in a comfortable environment. What was your body language like and how did you move?

People on average judge others within the first 7 seconds of meeting them. It is safe to say that our appearance and body language conveys a very large amount of information to others. As a matter of fact, it is about a 60: 40 ratio non-verbal to verbal. Next time you talk to someone pay attention to your body language and the message you are really conveying.

By taking a few extra seconds to observe someone, we can learn more about them and how they are feeling. We can use this knowledge to begin or direct a conversation accordingly. The person that controls a conversation is the one that asks powerful questions.

Tip for the guys:
When speaking to a women watch where her feet and belly button are pointing. It will give you an indication of who holds her attention or what she is thinking.

Today’s exercise is:
Notice how people respond to you when you are happy, confident and passionate. Now compare that feeling to how you feel when you are unhappy, sad or upset.

Which one do you feel more comfortable with? What in your opinion is the effect this has on others?

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