Simply Smile

Facial expressions in today’s society are huge; our first impressions, our charisma, our influence and the impact we have on others all spawns from our ability to smile. The face is the SECOND part of the body that people observe when they see us.There are occasions in our lives where we have been down, upset and sad until someone smiled in our direction. That simple smile changed your day, didn’t it? In my experience when people smile at me it lifts me up, excites me and brings me joy. Have you ever had that moment when someone you’re attracted to cast a a smile in your direction and you take the opportunity to smile back? Feels great, right?! It is truly remarkable to think that something as small as a smile can have a major impact on someone’s day. Think of the effect it has on you and then think of the effect you can have on others, by just simply smiling. 🙂

Are you more likely to approach someone with a frown or someone with a smile? Are you more likely to have a better response from those around you with a smile on your face?

When we smile at others, people typically smile back for the part, or if they don’t, they feel like shit cause they didn’t. The reason people generally smile back is because of a thing called mirror neurons. They dwell in our brain and cause mirroring reactions when we see facial expressions, so people unconsciously smile back at us. Smiling results in feeling happy and positive. We can draw out the emotions of people around us by using facial expressions and everybody wants to be happy right? So naturally you would want to be around happy people to draw out that emotion in them as well.

I remember recently going to Las Vegas to catch up with two of my close friends, whom of which I haven’t seen for a while. I arrived at the hotel, walked in with a huge smile on my face excited to see them, they had the same expression. That my friend, is a real smile, when there is emotion involved; excitement is in the air and more importantly its genuine. Notice the effect that you have when you are excited to see someone and the smile you give them compared to a simple smile because you feel like it’s a social norm to smile at someone. People can notice the difference.

Smiling is a non-verbal sign to others that you are interested in them; you like what you see. However, guys be aware that women use smiling as a pacifying behavior to make them feel more comfortable. So, being able to differentiate between a real smile and a fake smile is key to knowing if you should approach the person, or how to continue interacting in the conversation. We have been trained since we were young to deceive with our facial expressions. Although, they allow us to influence and gather a lot from people, they can easily misguide us if we are unfamiliar with what to look for. There is no denying that the more you smile, the more positive reactions people will give you.

Tip for the guys:

When you make eye contact with a woman, generally she will look away. It’s been wired in them to do so, (be careful what way she looks though, down or to the side is what you want) keep looking at them and if they look back at you they are interested. Be sure to give them a warm, real smile; some work still needs to be done, but you now have her attention.

Today’s exercise is:

Notice people around you, see what their posture looks like, how they carry themselves, what they are doing. Make it a game to see if you can guess how they are feeling based on their body language. If you speak to them, spot something about them from your observation and include it in the conversation. If you are up to it, see if your observation relates to their feelings/emotions. Please make sure you share what you learn from observing others. The results may surprise you how much the body tells you about how they are feeling.

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