Introduction to Ulife

Today, we are living in such a connected era where the ability to communicate with virtually anyone at any time can be done; yet we are the most disconnected we have ever been. Our ability to connect with others is decreasing and as a result our ability to speak with others, our quality of life and our quality of health are decreasing as well.

I have definitely had my high moments and many low moments socially; limited ability to make friends, unhappiness, self doubt, low self esteem, worthlessness and insecurity were all side effects of the low moments. If we are all honest with ourselves we know that this happens and is happening to many people we know today.

Moving to a new country when I was 18 and only knowing one person helped me to learn how to become independent, adapt culturally, meet new people, read and understand what people are thinking. It wasn’t easy to say the least, but I wanted to make it work. Then 3 years later at 21, I moved to Philadelphia where I knew 1 person again. It was tough but exciting at the same time. These experiences have been priceless.  I want to share what has worked for me and many others in their walk of life to being an effective communicator, building better relationships and getting ahead socially in life. Some of the greatest memories in my life come from being around others, this human interaction that we are losing in todays society is interaction that we deeply crave. The stories that are created with others will always be a part of me and I am thankful for everyone that I have met thus far in my life.

It wasn’t always like this, meeting people and having the ability to communicate effectively was never my greatest strength; whether that be interactions with the opposite sex, being popular, charismatic, funny (though being laughed at may have been one). Through the process and lessons along the way, I was able to learn how to become more confident, well-liked, more attractive and more importantly happy. Effective communication changed the meaning of my life and allowed me to impact others around me on a larger scale than I had ever known I could.

With every post, there will be an exercise; something simple that you can apply straight away to your social life. Massive action is the key to change. These exercises may cause you to get outside your comfort zones, I’m not saying go swim with sharks or anything that will put your life at risk, but more things that challenge you mentally and help overcome fears that are limiting you in life. I can tell you from my experience, the moments I put myself in uncomfortable growing situations are the times I become the most fulfilled. I have gotten to learn and grow as a person; creating unforgettable experiences and memories.

Todays exercise is:
When you walk around whether that be to work, class, the train station…. keep your head up when you walk past people and just smile. If you’re feeling bold, add saying hey/hi/hello as well. Promise yourself to do this for 7 days.

*** This may mean NOT walking with your phone in hand texting someone, or pretending to flick through social media to look popular or feel comfortable. Podcasting is permitted though, you can still look at people while listening. ***

Every blog post from Ulife will be delivered once a week, Tuesday night so that you can apply it throughout the week. Be sure to share your results on how this impacts your daily activities and interactions with others in our comments section. This will allow others to see how much these simple little actions can truly make a difference.

We would love too hear from you here at Ulife, any content you would like to see in the future or just what you think about the post. To stay up to date with new content similar to this, follow us on social media and be sure to read the blog. Also feel free to contact us directly

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